Star Wars Spinoff Movies Confirmed, Will Center On Young Han And Boba Fett

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In news that really didn’t surprise anyone, Disney is damn sure going to get their $4 billion worth out of the Star Wars license.

In other news that may surprise, the rumored standalone Star Wars films that will center on stories outside the new trilogy are officially happening with Empire scribe Lawrence Kasdan and Sherlock Holmes writer Simon Kinberg working on the scripts.

But we already heard about that. I hear you exclaiming.

I know that. The surprising part is that it has been found out that one movie will focus on a young Han Solo and his origin story and the second will center on everyone’s favorite Sarlacc dinner (yes, I know he didn’t die technically) and bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The Boba Fett movie would either take place between A New Hope and Empire or between Empire and Return of the Jedi. Either way, as long as they get as far away from the horrible orphan boy clone in Episode 2, then we will be good to go.

On the Han side of things, we don’t know if this will be how he met Chewbacca or if the Wookie will even be involved. The most fun aspect of this new Han-centric movie has got to be the casting. Let’s take for granted that a script by Kasdan or Kinberg is going to be pretty good. Now who do you find to take over an iconic role this large? And do you try to get Harrison Ford to come back? Maybe have Han reflecting back on days gone by as he sits on his intergalactic rocking chair.


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