Will The New Xbox Require An Internet Connection? Let’s Discuss.

Photo courtesy techradar.com
Photo courtesy techradar.com

The good folks over at Edge have put their ears to the ground and heard some rumors about the next Xbox. First we will go through the list, then discuss.

1. The new Xbox will require an internet connection in order to function and come with an overhauled version of Xbox Live.

2. Games will be put on 50GB Blu-Ray discs.

3. The rumored specs of the system (AMD eight-core X 64, 1.6 Ghz CPU, 8GB DDR3 RAM) are what will ship inside the system.

4. The system will launch with a new version of Kinect packed in.

5. Final size of the hard drive has yet to be decided.

OK, here we go.

First off, I don’t believe that the first rumor will be true. Now Microsoft could easily say that to get the full Xbox experience it is suggested to have an internet connection at all times, but Microsoft also has to realize that there is still a large batch of the population that either don’t have internet or just refuse to get it. I know, I know it is hard to imagine, but take it from me and where I live (insert southern joke here) there are people like this and they play plenty of games, just not online. So to require a connection may burn a bridge to some customers who would have otherwise bought a system especially if Sony is looking at them with arms wide open saying they don’t require internet to play.

The games being put on Blu-Ray discs is almost a no brainer. Microsoft put all there eggs in the HD-DVD basket and came out on the losing end of the HD battle last go round. Now if they are going to keep up with data capacity disc wise, they have to break down and use Blu-Ray. No one will want to play an eight disc DVD version of Fallout 4 when they could have one disc on PS4.

The guts of the system is most likely what is coming inside the new Xbox. There have been too many rumors and reports about the internal make-up of the system that are exactly like the specs above or extremely close.

The Kinect being packed in is making me think that Microsoft will go with a two sku launch. If it is true then I can see a $399 launch without a Kinect and maybe like $449 with a Kinect 2.0 packed in. If Microsoft didn’t want to break that $400 point then they either go one sku at $399 and Kinects all around or drop the Kinect free bundle to $349.

I am already on record thinking that Sony launches with a 1TB hard drive. I may be wrong in that but it just seems right especially if there will only be one Playstation bundle (which i also think). I don’t believe Microsoft will be as generous. I am of the mind that the new Xbox’s will launch with a 500GB hard drive, 750GB if they are feeling frisky. I think 500GB is the one we get.

With Sony’s Playstation event set for February 20th, the wraps of the next generation are slowly being removed. Microsoft should not be far behind with their announcement so Sony won’t have the spotlight all to themselves.


3 responses to “Will The New Xbox Require An Internet Connection? Let’s Discuss.”

  1. Trey Sterling Avatar
    Trey Sterling

    It's probably too late to post the "Next-Gen Predictions" article I started… two(?) years ago, but in it I state that not only will internet connection be required, but that it will be direct-download. Discs have outlived their usefulness.

    1. Scott Simmons Avatar
      Scott Simmons

      There is little doubt that this generation will be the last disc-based consoles.

    2. Scott Simmons Avatar
      Scott Simmons

      Also, I know I said that the internet requirement could hurt Microsoft (if it happens). I still believe it could with this new generation. A lot of people are going to have to be eased into the idea of digital only games and they have the next five to seven years to do it.

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