New Tomb Raider Video Shows Off More Base Camp And Fast Travel System

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Photo courtesy

The newest trailer for [amazon_link id=”B004FS8LYK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Tomb Raider[/amazon_link] is here and it unlocks a few more of Laura’s abilities she will learn on the island.

First is the fast travel option which is unlocked when Laura finds new basecamps throughout the island. When these are opened up Laura can access them at any time by going to the map and can fast travel between the camps much like Far Cry 3. This is important because it looks like backtracking is the name of the game for unlocking all the secrets the island has to offer. Much like Metroid you can not access all of the island to begin with but can return later with your new found abilities which include making your own ziplines with your bow and arrow and rope you find as well as a powerful shotgun that can blast its way into new areas.

Tomb Raider releases on March 5th. It can not come soon enough.


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