Rapturepalooza Trailer

Photo courtesy boxofficebuz.com
Photo courtesy boxofficebuz.com

Quick family story:

Living in the south, most people find it hard to…how do I say this….have different opinions and beliefs. So when my mother heard about Monty Python and the Holy Grail coming to her little southern theater in 1975, she had to hurry and see it before the (her words) “baptists got it shut down”. And as much as I would like to think strides have been made down here, there are many days and conversations that I hear that makes me think George Wallace is still alive.

Well get ready, cause here comes Rapturepalooza.

A comedy about the Rapture starring Anna Kendrick, John Francis Daley, Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson as the Antichrist. It seems the Antichrist is a fun loving guy that likes the finer things in life like nice suits and nuking Orlando and he has the hots for Anna Kendrick. Check out the red band trailer below and take a look at how the world ends. Not with a scream, but with shooting Jesus out of the sky with a laser gun.

To the rest of you who live in other regions….take me with you.


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  1. Ha! This seems pretty dang funny. Also, you forgot to mention Ken Jeong is in there (apparently as God).

    1. He is in so many movies I almost assume he is every one of them and forget to mention him lol.

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