Far Cry 3 Gets A Very Helpful Patch

Photo courtesy gameinformer.com
Photo courtesy gameinformer.com

I know what you are wondering.

I am done with Far Cry 3 and sure I have a metric sh** ton of relics to find and perhaps some rare animals to track down, but I am a tatted up frat douche that also happens to be a killing machine. For me to be this machine of killing…..I need to kill….like humans.

Well relief is on the way you sadistic bastards because a new patch for Far Cry 3 is out that not only gives you a new harder difficulty (Master), it also allows you to go into the options and reset all the outposts in the game letting you have more murderous fun. Because let’s face it, driving around finding relics and acting like you “accidentally” hit that dude walking on the side of the road only gets you so far.

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