Why Is Baird The Lead In Gears Of War: Judgment?

Photo courtesy softpedia.com
Photo courtesy softpedia.com

Let’s face it, chicks dig the Baird. That is the reason there is a freaking shirt dedicated to that saying floating around. For folks such as myself, I am wholly prepared for a full game filled with Baird’s unique….OK he is a smart ass, but that is his appeal to me. I can see how he could rub some people the wrong way and some people may not want to play [amazon_link id=”B002I0H2AG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Gears of War: Judgment[/amazon_link] because of that.

Jim Brown, lead level designer at People Can Fly has explained in a recent interview exactly why we are getting a whole bunch of Baird.

“He was an interesting character. He’s actually kind of divisive. Most players really, really like him, but there were a couple that were like, ‘Man that’s guy’s just an asshole’. But to me that means he’s interesting. That means that there’s a real story there to tell.”

Gears fans should not have a problem at all with the choice. I mean we are getting more Gears. Suck it complainers.

Gears of War: Judgment releases on March 19th.


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