Belated Media Asks “What If Star Wars: Episode II Were Good?”


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Belated Media is back with their follow-up to last year’s reworking of Star Wars: Episode I with What If Star Wars: Episode II Were Good? The new ideas, plot points and characters that they changed in the much, much better version of Episode I will carry over to this video which actually manages to take the mess in Episode II and bring cohesiveness to the story as well as bring back Darth Maul in a meaningful way and showcase the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Here is hoping we don’t have to wait a year before they can go back and finish their trilogy and fix Episode III (even though that is the one prequel movie I don’t have a lot of massive problems with).

Check out the video below and if you are not up to speed and want to watch the “what if?” on Episode I, keep scrolling.


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