GTA Online Is Like A Beautiful Dream Laced With Violence

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Rockstar has just released the first gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto Online and ambitious does not begin to describe what they are trying for with it. A fully realized Los Santos where you and 15 other players who wants to join in can waste hours upon hours doing an insane variety of things. Plan bank heists, car, jet ski and plane races, even day to day activities like golfing or tennis looks to be on the agenda.

Rockstar has developed GTA Online with growth in mind saying that the world will constantly be growing with new missions, a full stock market and extending into areas past Los Santos.

“In Grand Theft Auto Online, players have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions, band together to participate in activities and ambient events, or compete in traditional game modes with the entire community, all with the personality and refined mechanics of Grand Theft Auto 5.

“Players can invest in their character through customizing their appearance, improving their stats, owning customized vehicles, purchasing personal property, and taking part in missions, jobs and activities to earn reputation and cash to open up new opportunities to rise through the criminal ranks. The world of Grand Theft Auto Online will constantly grow and change as new content is added, creating the first ever persistent and dynamic Grand Theft Auto game world.”

GTA Online feels like it a test market for a full fledged GTA MMO when you see how many different aspects Rockstar has working together. The developer could conceivably (and probably will) keep GTA Online a persistent running part of the GTA universe until GTA VI releases five or six years from now.

[amazon_link id=”B0050SXKU4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Grand Theft Auto V[/amazon_link] releases on September 17th. GTA Online will be available to everyone who has a copy of the game on October 1st.


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