12 Minutes Of Dying Light Gameplay

Photo courtesy wikipedia.org
Photo courtesy wikipedia.org

WB Games and Techland have just unveiled the first gameplay for their first-person zombie game, Dying Light and it looks to be a mixture of Dead Island, Left 4 Dead and Mirror’s Edge. With me being a fan of Dead Island and a lover of Left 4 Dead and Mirror’s Edge this video hit all the right points.

We get a good first look at the changes that happen when the sun sets. The zombies become much more ferocious and agile from the looks of it and to help the player out you will have a special night vision that is kind of like what you have seen in the Arkham games and Tomb Raider. At the end of the video when you are racing towards the safe house all I could think of was the hours spent in Left 4 Dead and it made me want to get my hands on Dying Light even faster.

Dying Light releases in 2014.

Video courtesy IGN


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