A Girl’s Perspective on Captain America (or maybe just Chris Evans)

So let me tell you something.  I had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to go to the midnight premiere of Captain America.  I was not interested.  I was not amused.  And I was very tired.

But let me tell you something else.  I sat moping in the audience, sending the occasional glare to Trey, and waiting for the movie to start so that it could finally end.  But when that steam dissipated and Chris Evans stepped out of that crazy metal magical muscle maker, my opinion changed drastically.

In case you need a reminder…

Yup.  I like this movie.

Mind you, I am not opposed to the rest of the film.  I found the story compelling and interesting (and I wanted to slap that bitch who kept eyeing up my man).  Keeping in mind that I never read the comics or knew the general concept, I was pleasantly surprised when he survived the crash, and I honestly look forward to next year’s sequel.

Speaking of which…I found out recently that they’ve started filming for The Winter Soldier, and I got excited.  I mean, the sooner they film, the sooner we watch, right?

Wrong.  Turns out they’re filming in Washington DC.  I live really damn close to DC.  I could be there in minutes (speed limits are just guidelines, right?).  Apparently I’ve been wasting my time working and studying for finals (who needs a degree anyways?) when I could be stalking watching Chris Evans.  The filming is going to continue for a few days, so I’ll have to resist that temptation.

But I truly am excited for the movie even though I wasn’t in DC yesterday watching him repeatedly get in and out of a car (which was apparently being driven by Scarlett Johansson for those of you who bat for the other team).  The Marvel franchise is only getting stronger, and the movies only seem to get better (there was an Iron Man 2?).

And yeah, I know that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth are out there smiling and looking sexy…but my allegiance has yet to falter.

I mean…look at this guy! LOOK AT HIS BODY.

For the record, I promise not to have too many muscle-oriented posts.  I just couldn’t resist.


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  1. I lol’ed. Also, that second picture makes him look like he’s holding… something.

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