The Forgotten Art of Short Films


Earlier this week I watched a stop-action short film.  It’s a few years old, and so I’m surprised to just now hear about it.  A Ride Towards the Sea is a story about a man’s failed journey into the real world, and was reportedly inspired by Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

I’ve always been interested in short films — it’s amazing how such a grand story can be told in only a few minutes.  Think of what Pixar has done — their numerous independent short stories — even the heartbreaking introductory scenes to Up. 

After seeing last year’s The Girl is Mime, starring Martin Freeman, my interest was renewed substantially, and I’ve been on the lookout for equally inspiring and heartbreaking stories, hence my recent discovery of A Ride Towards the Sea.

I dare you to watch either of these films and then admit that you felt nothing.  Short films are truly a forgotten art.

Please share any short films you know and appreciate.


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