New Trailer For Riddick Looks To Recapture That Pitch Black Magic


2013 is turning out to be a weird year for me theatrically. As much crap as I give Vin Diesel I am more than ready for his two movies this year. Fast & Furious 6 will be out in a few weeks and this September sees the return of my favorite of his characters, Riddick.

Yes, I am an unapologetic Riddick lover. Deal with it.

The new trailer for Riddick really gives the movie a more Pitch Black feel than the slightly bloated The Chronicles of Riddick. There are three simple reasons why I will be seeing this beyond the gratuitous violence:

1. Riddick

2. Katee Sackhoff

3. Batista (Dave Bautista to be proper)

Riddick releases on September 6th.


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