The Last Of Us Review Roundup

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We are still a bit over a week away from the release of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic adventure, [amazon_link id=”B007CM0K86″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Last of Us[/amazon_link], but today the first reviews began rolling out and it seems that the long desired game is living up to the massive hype. We will have our review ready for you as soon as we get our copy and undoubtedly lose ourselves in it. Until then, take a look at what other media sites are saying about The Last of Us.

IGN– 10/10

“The Last of Us seamlessly intertwines satisfying, choice-based gameplay with a stellar narrative. It never slows down, it never lets up, and frankly, it never disappoints. It’s PlayStation 3’s best exclusive, and the entire experience, from start to finish, is remarkable”


“The Last of Us is a brutally realistic and often shocking depiction of a world in crisis, but is undeniably fun to play. It perfectly captures a civilization on the brink through its believable and hellish atmosphere. It represents one of the strongest console exclusives in a long time and is absolutely a must-have experience for mature PlayStation 3 gamers.”

Joystiq– 5/5

“The relationship that grows between Ellie and Joel as they fight to protect one another is the most genuine I’ve ever seen, brought to life by superb writing and excellent performances. It’s more than a father-daughter archetype, more than an easy ploy to tug at the heartstrings. A deep love blooms between the two of them, tinged with a sadness that sometimes makes it difficult to bear.”


“In other words, as with so many post-apocalyptic stories before it—Hello, zombie clichés!—The Last of Us‘s fungal pandemic is really just table-setting for a much more intimate, human story. Like last year’s The Walking Dead game, this isn’t actually a tale of zombies and bandits and the end of the world. It’s a tale of loss and hope and friendship and family that just happens tofeature zombies and bandits and the end of the world. And it’s a fine, worthy tale, at that.”

Game Informer– 9.5/10

The Last of Us is a deeply felt, shockingly violent game that questions what we’re willing to sacrifice and, more disturbingly, what we’re willing to do to save the ones we love. The conclusion offers no easy answers. You won’t forget it.”

Giant Bomb– 5/5

“The Last of Us is a bold work, especially for a developer recently known for strapping us into cinematic roller coasters. The Last of Us is not fun, at least not in the traditional sense, and that’s exactly why it’s so interesting.”

Destructoid– 10/10

“There is more to The Last of Us than just combat and “emotional” story tropes. To touch on its setpiece moments, to detail its beautiful changes in pace, would be to spoil too much. It cannot be said enough, however, that Naughty Dog’s new best creation is complete, and when I saycomplete, I mean it to pay the highest of compliments. I do not want more from The Last of Us: I do not need more. As the last line was uttered and the credits ushered in the close, I was done. The Last of Us had achieved everything it needed to achieve in order to provide me with everything I wanted.”

Polygon– 7.5/10

” It achieves incredible emotional high points about as often as it bumps up against tired scenario design that doesn’t fit its world. Survival in the post-apocalypse requires compromise, but The Last of Us has given up something vital.”


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