Diablo 3 Dungeon Crawls Its Way To 360 And PS3 In September

Photo courtesy kotaku.com
Photo courtesy kotaku.com

It looks like console users won’t have to wait very much longer to get their hands on Blizzard’s massive sequel, [amazon_link id=”B00BGA9V2Q” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Diablo 3[/amazon_link]. The hack and slash dungeon crawler that fills our deep, hidden OCD desires to loot everything in site will be making its way onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 3rd.

The control scheme has been completely reworked for consoles and best of all, it will not require an internet connection to play like its PC big brother. You can play online or can have local co-op for some old school adventure. Remember? You used to have friends that would come over to your house and you would play games together? No headsets or racist twelve years old. Good times.



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  1. Jeremiah Wolfwood Avatar
    Jeremiah Wolfwood

    Well, Well, Well looks like its not that exclusive at all

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