The Last Of Us Red Band Trailer Makes Us Ask Is It June 14th Yet?

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

If you were watching last night’s (disappointing) season finale of The Walking Dead then you were treated to all kinds of zombie fun. The Zombie Run 5K and World War Z had ads on the show, but the one that we actually cared about was the new 30 second spot for Naughty Dog’s [amazon_link id=”B007CM0K86″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Last of Us[/amazon_link].

As many of my exes have said, thirty seconds is just not long enough so here is the extended two minute trailer complete with dirty words (fuck) and goriness (blood). Joel, Ellie and Tess are all featured prominently and we see plenty of zombie (but not zombie) killing action. Every time I see some new footage I am astounded by how great the voice acting is.

The Last of Us releases on June 14th.


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