Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Teaser Trailer And Website Is No April Fool’s Day Joke….Maybe

Photo courtesy evilavatar.com
Photo courtesy evilavatar.com

If all of this Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon work is for an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke I may just go out in public and start throwing full cans of soda at people’s heads like the machines in Maximum Overdrive. Not only did we get a teaser trailer for the supposed DLC, but the official website was also launched today.

If there was any doubt about the 80’s insanity, the video and website put it to rest with the trailer having a old VHS look to it and the website….well it speaks for itself. It looks as though Far Cry asked John Carpenter of 30 years ago to create a futuristic tale that would make Snake Plissken proud.

Here is the official synopsis for the game from the website:

The year is 2007. It is the future. Earth has been ravaged by a nuclear war and new paths for peace must be found. A U.S. cyborg army may have found a solution: a powerful bioweapon on a distant island. A Mark IV Cyber Commando, Sergeant Rex Power Colt has been sent over to gather information and figure out what the hell is going on.

Go and take a look at the website, but get your eyes ready for oncoming assault of awesomeness.


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