Sucker Punch Shows Off Infamous: Second Son

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

Sucker Punch had been oddly quiet over the past year and everyone was guessing they were hard at work on a Playstation 4 title and that was confirmed last night when they unveiled the next game in their Infamous series, Infamous: Second Son. The story will follow a new protagonist as humans are discovering they have powers and are being hunted down.

Here is the synopsis for the game and the trailer below.

“Surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he’s forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. now hot on his tail. The choices he makes along the way change the future of everyone around him.”


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