Killzone: Shadow Fall Revealed

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

As with the PS3 announcement Guerrilla Games was there in full force with a new Killzone game, the difference being this time I think everyone believed that this footage was real in-game stuff. The look of the game started out much brighter than other Killzone’s and that was a great way to show off what the PS4 is capable of doing. You begin to wonder is a new console can still wow you considering how good games look and then you watch the demo shown last night and realize that they still can.

After a beautiful flyover of a much brighter scene than we are used to seeing in Killzone games, an explosion goes off and cloaked Helghast soldiers begin their attack. The gunplay run smooth like Killzone 2 and 3. The demo ends with our hero hopping a ride on a hanging rope from a dropship that shows off just what Sony’s behemoth can show off. I like it…..a lot. I want it….now.

Check out the demo below.



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