Splinter Cell: Blacklist Delayed Until August. Watch The New Trailer.



Ubisoft has announced that [amazon_link id=”B0086V5V8G” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Splinter Cell: Blacklist[/amazon_link] has been delayed and will release on August 20, 2013. Now that may sound like a bad thing, especially if you have been patiently waiting on the game, but this gets Sam Fisher out of the “release window of death” that is spring 2013. With February-May loaded with releases there were bound to be some games that got lost and I am glad that Splinter Cell moved to later in the year. Some other games (Fuse) could take this move as a sign of what to do.

Along with the release change there was also a new trailer released today. The aptly named ‘Inauguration’ sees actual footage of past presidents taking the oath of office as Sam and his team try to diffuse a situation that could lead  to a national incident. And no, Michael Ironside is still not doing Sam’s voice in this game, so we are just all going have to get used to that. If you need to hear his oh so soothing voice go watch [amazon_link id=”B000UAFDP2″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Starship Troopers[/amazon_link] or any SyFy Saturday night movie.

Here is the new trailer courtesy of IGN.


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