Sky-Hook Replica From Bioshock Infinite Is So Real, You Can Pre-Order It







Just when I think I have a grasp on my addiction for buying props and collector’s editions of games, NECA, the bane of my wallet, comes along with this fully functioning Sky-Hook from [amazon_link id=”B003O6E6NE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Bioshock Infinite[/amazon_link] that I need just as much as the Lancer sitting in my room yet will most likely be displayed next to it.

The 11″ tall and 22″ long replica is available for pre-order now over at and will run you $79.99. It will be released on February 26, 2013. Check out the video below to see the Sky-Hook in action.

Bioshock Infinite releases on March 26, 2013.


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