NCAA ’14 Cover Vote Has A Few Surprises



So let’s get beyond the fact that NCAA Football 13 was a bit frustrating in its overcompensation for NCAA 12’s problems with blocking, punt coverage and defenders blind swatting balls. Instead of showing us how they will be trying to improve NCAA 14, EA wants you to go vote for which school will represent the game on the cover.

Okay EA, I will play along…for now.

Voting is done through the game’s Facebook page by just liking the page then voting for your favorite school. You can continue to vote on all the schools until halftime of Monday’s BCS National Championship game and then the top 32 teams will move on to the next round of voting.

Some of the teams in the 32 are a little hard to believe they have a shot to win much less be in the next round of votes. For example, Kentucky is sitting at 14th. You know, that great Kentucky football program that has has such classic games as………and that magical championship run in…….. Army is sitting at 32nd and Penn State is in 10th. Jokes are too easy to come by with that so let’s just all agree that they should not be anywhere near a video game cover for a while and the fact that USC fans are too lazy or don’t care about their program enough to vote enough for this tells me that Lane Kiffin’s job may not be very secure.




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