Review Roundup: Titanfall


Well it is finally here; the game many bought an Xbox One for. Titanfall is launching and the reviews are starting to come in. Is it the killer app that Xbox One owners have been waiting on?

Note: Our review will be up after we have spent plenty of time on public servers playing the full game.


“Titanfall’s great strengths is the simplicity and natural feel of movement. Whether you’re jetpack-jumping and wall-running as a pilot, or dashing around with your titan’s lateral jets, you just aim at where you want to go and press A. You’ll never wrestle with a video game-y quick-time event or button-mashing sequence in order to execute a badass move. It always happens in the most straightforward way it can.


“Each of Titanfall’s 15 maps presented a new opportunity to experiment with my environment, to see where I could get to on foot. I found “lines” to take, alternating my wall-runs over extended spaces, making jumps I never thought I would make. Respawn even encourages this behavior — you accelerate as you run along the side of a building, and jumping from one surface to another can build an incredible amount of speed.


“Whereas Call of Duty is bloated and wobbling towards death by gluttony, leaning on cheap gimmicks (Michael Myers?), Respawn – and Zampella – know what the real appeal is. 6v6 is a smart move, allowing for (stupid) bots to keep you killing while giving the titans room to manoeuvre. It’s a game of trade-offs, discarding the vogue for Yet More Unlockable Bullshit and instead confronting players with obvious choices: strength or speed, light or fast, yet still asking them to adapt to change when the hardware is called in. Unlike killstreaks, everyone gets a titan, choosing from three available types: how you plan for that eventuality is all-important.”


“Between pilots and titans, there are a lot of different elements that come together in Titanfall matches, and they do so with remarkable fluidity. Each map is designed to let both pilot and titan thrive; some areas are only accessible to pilots, others are the domain of titans, but large swathes accommodate both in the struggle for dominance.”


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