Retro Achievement List: Mega Man 2

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We here at Nerd Rating love achievements and trophies. We are admitted whores for them, but when you think about it, the practice of gamerscores is only seven years old with the introduction of the Xbox 360. We have 30 years of backlogged video games that need to be updated! So that is what we are venturing to do. Our new feature called Retro Achievement List will look back at games of the past and give them a set of achievements to strive for even if they may not seem serious.

First up is one of the most difficult games of all time (for me anyway), Mega Man 2. What fresh hell will you have to go through to get your 1,000 points (or platinum trophy)?

Achievement Unlocked:


*Achievement #1

Mega Man 1

Die ten times on the first level while you wonder if it is you that is retarded or the game that is hard.

*Achievement #2

Mega Man 2

Kill 25 robotic shrimp on Bubble Man’s level without making a sexual reference to a bad date.

*Achievement #3

Mega Man 3

Tell your significant other to stop with the touching crap while you are block jumping on Heat Man’s level.

*Achievement #4

Mega Man 4

Develop a headache from thinking about how Capcom could screw up a franchise as wonderful as Mega Man.

*Achievement #5

Mega Man 5

Beat every boss while purposely going out of order.

*Achievement #6

Mega Man 6

Grab an extra man on a small ledge before falling to your death.

*Achievement #7

Mega Man 7

When you die on a spike floor yell at your TV, “WHY?? WHO MAKES A FLOOR WITH SPIKES?!

*Achievement #8

Mega Man 8

Realize that the boss select screen is The Brady Bunch opening and try and place the right Brady with the boss.

*Achievement #9

Mega Man 9

After your 800th death, throw your controller at your TV and curse at whoever is in the room that they are messing you up by walking around.

*Achievement #10

Mega Man 10

Get all the way to the Wily stage on difficult only to have your power go out.


We want to hear from all of you also! What achievements would you add to Mega Man 2? Leave us a comment below or tweet us your responses on Twitter (@nerdrating) and use the hashtag #RetroAchievement






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