Infiltrator Is The Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo That Will Make You Weep For The Future

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And by weep, I mean big, ugly man tears of joy. Like when your girlfriend says she wished you showed more emotion and then when you finally do tear up and cry (like at the end of Armageddon) she looks at you like you are a complete moron.

This week at GDC, Epic Games have been showing off a new tech demo for the Unreal Engine 4 called Infiltrator and now it is online for all of our eye holes. Prepare your retinas for an assault of next-gen awesomeness. It is unknown if this is simply a tech demo or if this could possibly become a game years from now as Gears of War was after the debut of Unreal Engine 3.

If you like futuristic settings and beautiful graphics having sex with your eyes then get ready.


2 responses to “Infiltrator Is The Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo That Will Make You Weep For The Future”

  1. I was way more impressed with Fox Engine, to be honest.

    1. What excites me is that both engines show off what we will probably get in the first year or so of games. I keep thinking how much more amazing will it look when developers figure out all the nuances of them for the third and fourth wave of games.

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