Megan Fox Cast In Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles…..God No

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Photo courtesy

Jesus Michael Bay, it’s like you are just doing this sh** on purpose now.

So remember Michael Bay’s bastardization of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise? You know, where he was going to make them not teenagers or mutants, but rather adult aliens? You had four jobs Bay!! Here it is:





And he couldn’t even do that correctly.

The movie was put on definite hold last year while they worked out the kinks in the script and development which I assuming meant actually writing a script and figuring out how to fund this giant clusterf***. Well things are back on you lucky fans. And Michael Bay has decided on his April O’Neil…..Megan Fox.



I give up.

You know what we should really have been expecting this. We have great Marvel movies and The Dark Knight trilogy so there has to be a punishment somewhere and Michael Bay is here ready with his cinematic cat of nine tails.


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