Max Landis Gives His Thoughts On Man Of Steel

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Max Landis, son of Hollywood legend John Landis and screenwriter of [amazon_link id=”B005LAIGPU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Chronicle[/amazon_link], loves Superman. This is no secret. Last year his YouTube video, The Death and Return of Superman, became an internet sensation garnering over 2 million views. It is funny as hell.

Now he is back giving his thoughts on this year’s blockbuster, Man of Steel, which he is (obviously) very opinionated about. I personally loved Man of Steel and yet still find Landis makes many valid points. It eventually becomes an indictment on superhero movies in general and will surely get some folks riled up.

I like Max Landis. I loved his Death and Return of Superman video and enjoyed the hell out of Chronicle. We didn’t enjoy Man of Steel the same way. Guess what? That is OK. Everyone has opinions and 98.3% of the time they will not be changed by bitching or arguing.

Variety is the spice of life people.


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