Jeff Goldblum And Bill Pullman Set To Return For Independence Day 2


Maybe you were not excited at the news of a sequel to Independence Day a few days ago, but that is all about to change. Not only is Bill Pullman returning we also will get an actual Jeff Goldblum sighting in 2015. This is a rare thing. It is like seeing a rainbow colored unicorn pissing chocolate into a giant bowl of ice cream. I mean how many times do you see something like that in your life? Once, maybe twice considering how many times you ride the white pony?

Frankly I say it is a good thing Will Smith is off doing horrible Shaymalan movies because that just means more screen time for The Goldblum. Independence Day 2 just got good. Real good.

To celebrate next week’s July 4th holiday and the fact that we will get the ass end of an alien attack in 2015, have a quick laugh at the Honest Trailer for Independence Day.


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