Marvel Regains Ghost Rider Movie Rights. And There Was Much Rejoicing?

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Photo courtesy

It looks like Marvel is still hard at work getting all of their properties back under one cinematic umbrella. Last week they regained the rights to Daredevil and now they have Johnny Blaze back in the fold.

Exact details were not given on how Marvel acquired the rights from Sony, but one can assume it is because Sony saw no more profit in the character and Marvel gladly bought the rights back. The first Ghost Rider movie in 2007 was a success, but the 2012 follow-up, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, was only the second movie I could not make it through the whole way because it was a massive pile of shit.

Marvel has no plans for a reboot of the character and I think they are wise to wait a few years before even attempting it.


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