Hugh Jackman Invites You To Free Comic Book Day. No Singing Or Dancing Involved.

This is a busy weekend to be a nerd. Iron Man 3 opens this weekend (review coming Monday morning) and Star Wars Day happens to coincide with Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day really is a great day every year for fans and people who want to get involved in the wonderful world of comics. Many shops nationwide pull out all the stops and have artist signings, cosplay and contests. Be sure and check with your local comic shop about hours and special events they will be putting on.

If you have a female that you want to convince needs to go with you to Free Comic Book Day, I suggest you let her watch this video with Hugh Jackman inviting everyone to partake in the festivities. Just tell her the dude from Les Mis loves comics and you are in. And if you are with a significant other that is looking forward to going to FCBD with you then congratulations, you have won at life.



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