Let’s Rate Sony’s Gamescom Announcements

Sony kept proving why they are the place to go for indie games during their press conference at Gamescom. They showed off a lengthy array of games as well as announcing substantial upgrades for the PS4 and a milestone for the system.

1. PS4 has sold 10 million consoles.


This was a self-high five announcement, but it was impressive anyway. The PS4 has only been available ten months and people have adopted it quickly.

Nerd Rating- 8/10

2. Where the hell is the Vita?

Self explanatory.

Nerd Rating- 0/10

3. Firmware 2.0 coming this fall

PS4’s Firmware 2.0 will not be a small affair when it releases this fall. Share Play will let players “loan” their games to friends on their PSN list to play co-op games even when one player does not own the game. The ability to load your gameplay videos directly to YouTube is also in the update

Nerd Rating- 8/10

4. DayZ coming to PS4.


The PC game that is so close to how human society will act during the apocalypse is coming to PS4. They didn’t announce a release time, but this is a good get for Sony.

Nerd Rating- 8/10

5. Trailers Galore!


-Until Dawn



-The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

-The Order: 1886



Nerd Rating- 10/10


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