Get Ready To Say So Long To G4.

Looks like Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira were the smart rats and jumped off a sinking ship early.

Rumors abound that G4, which has been on since 2002, will be “re-branded” early next year and morph into a GQ-style men’s channel and that may include a name change. This may come as a shock to some people but it really shouldn’t when you think about the channel only produced two real video game/tech based shows (Attack of the Show and X-Play). Now whether these show will survive the changeover is not clear. If one was to make it I would guess it would be Attack of the Show since it is more of a pop culture show than strictly video games like X-Play.

No word has been given on if the channel would still give special coverage to shows like E3, PAX or Comic Con.

But what about my need for Morgan Webb and Ninja Warrior?


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