Amazon Reveals Kindle Fire HD In 7 And 8.9 Inch Models. Kindle Fire Receives Price Drop.

Today’s press conference by Amazon showed off the future of the Kindle family in a big way. The Kindle Fire HD is the company’s next big entry into the crowded tablet world looking to build on the massive sales of the original Kindle Fire which was released almost a year ago.

The Kindle Fire HD will come in 7 and 8.9 inch versions. Both will have redesigned display to lessen the glare and both can be bought in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE versions. The 7 inch tablet will come with 16GB of storage and run $199 and 32GB for $249 while the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD will be available in both 16 and 32GB versions. The 16GB will cost $299 and the 32GB variety will be $499.

For those of you who decide to spend the big bucks and grab one in the 8.9 inch 32GB version you will be able to purchase a data plan through Amazon that gives you 20GB of cloud storage, 250 MB a month and a $10 Amazon app store store credit for only $49.99 a year. When compared side by side at the press conference, the difference in price per year for purchasing and running an 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD was almost a whopping 400 dollars below that of a 32GB IPad.

The original Kindle Fire will be dropping in price to $159 and has been given double the RAM and a longer lasting battery.

The Kindle Fire HD will be shipping out on November 20 and can be pre-ordered in the link below.

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