Classic 1966 Batman Figures On The Way To Shelves From Mattel

All photos courtesy
All photos courtesy

Now I am just convinced that someone is after every bit of money I have in my wallet and even the secret stuff like my ass pennies (Google Upright Citizen’s Brigade for explanation). These were revealed back at the 2013 Toy Fair, but now we have some great quality shots of them.

The first series will include two Batman’s (one with Batusi hands and another with radioactive cowl), The Riddler, The Penguin, The Joker and Catwoman. And there is no telling how much they will take from me when the inevitable second and third series come out. God the possibilities!!

Eartha Kitt Catwoman, Julie Newmar Catwoman, Lee Meriweather Catwoman, John Astin Riddler, King Tut, Egghead, Minstrel, Archer!!!

And you can get an exclusive Robin when you buy this two-pack that let’s you recreate Batman and Robins’ rope climb up the buildings of Gotham!


Now I just have to find a Sammy Davis, Jr. figure to stick out of one of the windows and I will never have need for another figure ever again.



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