Capcom Announces DuckTales Remastered. Life As I Know It Is Complete.

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Today at PAX East Capcom dropped a bomb on the video game world and my childlike wonder. They announced that they will be releasing DuckTales Remastered, a redone version of the classic NES game that will release this summer on XBLA and PSN for $14.99.

Jesus, I can not tell you how many times I played through this game when I was a kid. Capcom may not know how to handle Mega Man, but it’s like they reached into my subconscious and pulled out one of the few happy moments with this announcement.

Watch the trailer below while I go touch myself and think about playing this game back when life was more than regret and disappointment and filled with cane jumping like a pogo stick and imagining one day when you could dive into your piles of riches like Scrooge McDuck.


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  1. though I have not played this game, I feel that this will be fixed as of this summer

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