Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Sort Of) Confirmed As Box Art Leaks

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Images have leaked out of the supposed box art for the not yet confirmed, but sure as shit is gonna happen Call of Duty: Ghosts. It has a military man on the front who is apparently answering the…call of duty? I suppose.

The next game in the mega-popular Call of Duty series, Ghosts will see you take control of Ranger Man or Other Ranger Man as you work to shoot and climb or rappel things in hopes of bringing the villainous Terrorist B into custody before he can blow up….the world…or something. You will be able to shoot many people with a wide array of military weaponry that you will never see in real life and aren’t quite sure if it is real or not.

For the other 98% of you, there is multiplayer also so you can avoid any kind of annoying story in your game.

Call of Duty: Ghosts has no release date, but it will be November.


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