Bishop Confirmed For X-Men: Days Of Future’s Past!

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

Bryan Singer, you magnificent bastard! I love you as much as I love fried foods and that is saying a hell of a lot.

The director sent out a Vine video on his Twitter of cast chairs on the set of X-Men: Days of Future’s Past and this beauty was in there.


Now I was already looking forward to DOFP, but now this is getting damn ridiculous. Also among the chairs shown was one for Warpath, which means this cast is getting insane in how awesome it is. I swear to almighty God if they announce Cable is in this I am going to lose my damn mind and may even pee my pants some.

Actor Omar Sy was cast in an unspecified role in early March and it seems to be that it was for the role of Bishop. Wear the M proudly!


X-Men: Days of Future’s Past releases July 18, 2014.


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