Assassin’s Creed IV Looks Insanely Fun. This Sounds Familiar.

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Alright Assassin’s Creed. You and I have a checkered history. You were great in the first two games then it became hard to spend as much time with you anymore. You just couldn’t change. Like a lazy lover I kept coming back and expecting to be wowed and left disappointed. Then you put on a shiny new dress and got some plastic surgery and said you were a changed person with AC3 and I was excited once again and dammit if you didn’t do the exact…same…thing to me.

I’m done. That’s it. No more!

Not even you trying to do your best Jack Sparrow and becoming a pirate can sway me. I have seen your naval battles before, but I can’t justify $60 on you.

Sooo what you doing this fall? You free to hang out a bit? I know we’ve had rough times babe, but we can give it a go.



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  1. Haha this is fantastic. Exactly how I feel about AC.

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