Zombi U Wii U Bundle Coming February 17th

Photo courtesy polygon.com
Photo courtesy polygon.com

Now this is more like it Nintendo.

While the Big N has gone on record saying that there will be no Wii U price cut (until the fall, mark it down) they did not say anything about not giving gamers awesome bundles. Behold the Zombi U Wii U bundle. The correct way to try and sell a system that is hitting a plateau. Let’s give you the rundown: a Wii U deluxe set including the 32GB black console and all the bells and whistles it comes with, a copy of Zombi U, a digital code for NintendoLand, a Wii U Pro Controller and even a Zombi U artbook.

The bundle will be available on February 17th and retail for $389.99. With Zombi U being $60 and the Pro Controller running $50 that comes to a $70 savings by my meager high school level math skills.


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