Xbox Live Sale Features Mark Of The Ninja And More

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Xbox Live is having another sale and there are some great XBLA titles available for 50% off. With all these sales over the past few months it’s almost like Microsoft is realizing how right Sony has been getting it with their Playstation Store sales. No complaints on this end, especially when I can get Mark of the Ninja or Deadlight for half off.

Check out the list of titles that are getting price reductions from Microsoft Studios:

-Mark of the Ninja- 600 pts.

-Deadlight- 600 pts.

-Trials HD- 400 pts.

-Dust: An Elysian  Tail- 600 pts.

-A World of Keflings- 400 pts.

And here are the Deals of the Week from others:

-Quarrel- 200 pts.

-Mercury- 200 pts.

-Swarm- 200 pts.

-Pool Nation- 400 pts.

-Axel and Pixel- 400 pts.

-Retro City Rampage- 600 pts.

-Puzzle Arcade- 400 pts.

-The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom- 400 pts.






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