Witness The Brutality Of Ryse: Son Of Rome

Photo courtesy polygon.com
Photo courtesy polygon.com

While I will readily say that Sony stole the E3 show last night, I was still very impressed with the games that Microsoft brought to the table at their press conference. The lineup was equally as strong as Sony’s (with Sony pulling ahead because of all the indie support) and the game that impressed me vastly was Ryse: Son of Rome. The Crytek developed action game has you in the role of Marius Titus as you lead the Roman army back to glory.

And how exactly will you accomplish this? Why by epic, brutal, bloody combat! The demo shown at E3 had a very “Roman Saving Private Ryan” feel as they storm the beach as arrows spill down around you. Combat looks to be a mix of real-time slashing and quick-time, eye-wincing kills delivered with your sword, shield or even sandal.

The game is stunning to watch the entire time and shows that Crytek has a firm grasp on next-gen gaming. But then again, it is Crytek, so no surprise there.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be a launch day title only on Xbox One.


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