Will Warner Use Justice League To Reboot Batman?


File this under rumor but in parenthesis put BIG. A source has revelaed to Batman-on-Film.com that Warner Bros. is looking to jump head first into the superhero team up pool after The Man of Steel releases next year. And not only that but they would use the Justice League film as the opportunity to reboot Batman and begin to establish him and the other characters in one movie universe.

No we all know that Marvel’s massive Avengers gamble paid off but I think DC may have to take another direction and this may be the best way. With how poorly Green Lantern was received and The Man of Steel not even released, DC has no real way of getting all these characters individual movies and guaranteeing that they will all be hits enough to lead to a Justice League movie. Taking the opposite direction of Marvel may be the answer for DC.

It has already been reported that Warner would like the movie for summer of 2015 which would put it in the same year as The Avengers 2 and they have already (reportedly) been in talks with Ben Affleck and the Wachowskis about directing the film. Ben Affleck has denied any kind of involvement with the movie and although Speed Racer was a massive bomb, Warner still has faith in the Wachowskis to deliver a big time movie.



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