Will The Playstation 4 Be Announced On February 20th?

Photo courtesy gamasutra
Photo courtesy gamasutra

Sony attempted to break the internet last night when they simultaneously announced on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages that “the future of Playstation” would be announced at a news conference on February 20th. This instantly has everyone believing that this is where Sony will officially unveil the Playstation 4.

But wait, I hear you exclaiming. Didn’t Kaz Hirai just say that Sony would let their competitors go first in announcing a new console? Why yes, yes he did.

Who knows what is going on? Maybe Sony had a change in plans. Maybe this was their plan all along to give Microsoft a bit of a mindfu**. Either way all signs point to February 20th being a very huge day in the gaming world.

That is, of course, unless Sony just trolled all of us and plan to reveal the new super, super, Keira Knightley slim PS3.


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