Will The New Xbox Be Revealed In April?

Photo courtesy allthingsd.com
Photo courtesy allthingsd.com

There are rumors swirling that Microsoft will wait until April to unveil their next version of Xbox in a big event much like with the Xbox 360. This will put the announcement after this year’s GDC which takes place the last week of March.

If Microsoft is set on doing this it can only strengthen Sony’s chance to make the PS4 shine especially if they now have PAX East and GDC to put more Playstation in the eyes and ears of fans. I thought Microsoft should strike while the iron was hot on the new console talk and announced in mid-March right before GDC and take a little of Sony’s thunder away.

Waiting until April makes me think that this was the set date all along for Microsoft and that Sony’s announcement this past Wednesday might have caught them off guard. Sony had a great first showing and everyone is now thinking that all the pressure is on Microsoft to match up to Sony’s announcement.


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