Will Star Wars Episode VII Release Date Break From Tradition?


We all know that Disney has promised that Star Wars Episode VII is coming in 2015. They even said as much at their D23 conference. Everyone automatically assumed that the return of the legendary franchise would take place in May, which is its normal tentpole month.

Maaaaybe not.

Badsass Digest is reporting from multiple sources that Disney may, in fact, release Episode VII in December of 2015, possibly in the middle of the month.

Merry Sithmas to us. ( I feel bad for that…I apologize)

The reasoning is sound for Disney to want to do this. With filming set to begin early next year, it only leaves J.J. Abrams and crew a little over a year for shooting and post work including special effects, etc. For a film the size of Star Wars that is not a very big window. So Disney is reportedly looking to push the date to December to afford Abrams more time to make the film right and not feel rushed.

This also would get it out of the huge sharknado that is the summer of 2015 which will see the release of Avengers 2, Batman/ Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Jurassic Park IV and more.


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