Will Next Xbox Have Two Very Different Versions?

More Than Hard Drives Could Seperate The Two.

Rumors abound that Microsoft is planning on releasing two vastly different console experiences next year in order to get into more living rooms of casual gamers.

When the Xbox 360 released in November 2005 the console was released in two versions (Pro and Core) in which the main difference was an attached hard drive on the Pro but it appears that when the new console is released next year one will be the true next generation console experience with all the bells and whistles that Microsoft decides to put inside while the other sku would be more of an set-top box experience that will run on Windows 8 and run as as DVR and be able to play more casual games and run apps.

While that sounds all well and good for Microsoft in their plan of getting into more casual gaming houses I can already see the headache of brick and mortar store employees having to explain to parents in the holiday season the differences in the two consoles. Not to mention the look on kids faces if they end up getting what will basically be a Microsoft TV box for Christmas.


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