Why Is Star Wars: 1313 Not Moving Forward?

Photo courtesy attackofthefanboy.com
Photo courtesy attackofthefanboy.com

Way back when at E3 2012, Lucasarts showed off amazing looking footage for a brand new Star Wars game titled Star Wars: 1313. It was dark and gritty and it was beautiful. So much so that when the show was over debate began on whether this was actually our first look at a true next-gen game. Then….nothing. No developers talking up how hard they were working on it, no hints on what systems or possible releases dates. It went off the radar.

So what gives?

Seems Kotaku may have turned over the right rock and figured out where the game has been hiding. It appears that the game has been put on hold since the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm last year to focus completely on getting J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII going into production. There is no word on if the game will be moving forward after a certain amount of time or if it will simply fall onto Disney/Lucas’ immense back burner.

I do hope that the higher ups at Disney do not just think of one avenue of media to make money off of Star Wars. The Lucasarts game history is a checkered one, yes, but also one that is filled with classic games and I hope that Star Wars 1313 is given a chance to be fully realized and see the light of day.


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