Who Wants To Work On Watch Dogs? Here’s Your Chance.

Ubisoft Throws Out A ‘Help Wanted’ Sign.

Remember Watch Dogs? The game that surprised everyone at E3 earlier this year with its amazing look and ability to hack everything from cell phones to city maintenance to change red lights while making getaways? Well Ubisoft has been very tight lipped since the initial reveal but now they are back with a new video that does not show a lot more than what we have already seen but does have an interesting offer attached to it.

The video shows interviews from designers that are working on the game telling what they hope to accomplish with this new IP and at the end of the video is a web address for anyone interested in helping craft this new world.

No release date has been announced for Watch Dogs or what systems it will be coming to. This late in the console cycle I still maintain it will be a next-gen title.


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