Weekend Box Office- November 29- December 1


It looks like droves of people headed to the theater over the holiday. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Frozen teamed up to make it the biggest Thanksgiving weekend ever with Catching Fire adding another $110 million over the five day period. Disney’s Frozen opened way bigger than it was expected to with $93 million in five days.

On the opposite end of new releases was the Jason Statham/James Franco thriller Homefront which couldn’t break $10 million for the holiday. Jason Statham has become the Tyler Perry of action movies. You are going to get two a year and they are always the same.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- $74.5 million/ $296.5 million

2. Frozen- $66.7/ $93.0

3. Thor: The Dark World- $11.1/ $186.7

4. The Best Man Holiday- $8.4/ $63.4

5. Homefront- $6.9/ $9.7

6. Delivery Man- $6.9/ $19.4

7. The Book Thief- $4.8/ $7.8

8. Black Nativity- $3.8/ $5.0

9. Philomena- $3.7/ $4.7

10. Last Vegas- $2.7/ $33.1 


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