Weekend Box Office- July 5-7, 2013


Photo courtesy mommyniri.com
Photo courtesy mommyniri.com

This July 4th weekend was a tale of exact opposites at the box office. On one side you have Despicable Me 2, which cost a mere $75 million to make and had one of the highest grosses for the extended five-day period. Then, on the other side, you have Disney’s The Lone Ranger, boasting Johnny Depp and a whole lot of trains that go boom to the tune of a $215 million budget which ended up being the studio’s third massive disappointment in trying to start a new franchise after Prince of Persia and John Carter. The new version of the western character could only manage $29 million over the normal weekend period and $48 million since last Wednesday.

It has to come as a huge hit to Disney who initially cancelled the filming of The Lone Ranger altogether because of a ballooning budget. It was trimmed down to a “modest” $150 million and was given the green light. That amount of money was short lived because when all was said and done The Lone Ranger came in with over a $200 million cost anyway. This doesn’t look like a bomb of John Carter size, but it will still carry the label with it forever.


1. Despicable Me 2- $82.5 million/ $142.1 million

2. The Lone Ranger- $29.4/ $48.9

3. The Heat- $25.0/ $86.3

4. Monsters University- $19.5/ $216.1

5. World War Z- $18.2/ $158.7

6. White House Down- $13.5/ $50.4

7. Man of Steel- $11.4/ $271.2

8. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain- $10.1/ $17.4

9. This Is The End- $5.8/ %85.5

10. Now You See Me- $2.7/ $110.4



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