Weekend Box Office July 12-14, 2013

Photo courtesy of comicbook.com
Photo courtesy of comicbook.com

Despicable Me 2 held on to the top spot at the box office for the second straight weekend leaving second place up for grabs between Pacific Rim and Grown Ups 2 and like most things involving our country these days, America let us down once again. The Adam Sandler “comedy” opened up to $42.5 million which is on par with what the original opened up to in 2010. Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which got off to a strong start at Friday midnight showings and was a hot topic on Twitter all weekend, fell off as the weekend went on and could only manage $38 million. Let’s just pray that the rest of the world is more forgiving (i.e. intelligent) when it comes to the robots vs. monsters flick.

1. Despicable Me 2- $44.7 million/ $229.2 million

2. Grown Ups 2- $42.5/ $42.5

3. Pacific Rim- $38.3/ $38.3

4. The Heat- $14.0/ $112.3

5. The Lone Ranger- $11.1/ $71.1

6. Monsters University- $10.6/ $237.7

7. World War Z- $9.4/ $177.0

8. White House Down- $6.1/ $62.9

9. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain- $5.0/ $26.3

10. Man of Steel- $4.8/ $280.9




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